The Bermuda Kid series is geared to be both fun AND educational.  Studies have shown that comic books and graphic novels engage otherwise reluctant readers, and we want to help.   Here's some of the ways we have incorporated learning in to each issue.


Introduce new vocabulary and encourage reading for content.


Integrate elementary algebra and geometry skills.


Learn about places around the world, including history facts and legends.

The Bermuda Triangle

A Chance to Learn More

Each issue includes historical and geographical data for you to review and discuss.

Look for the triangles!

In the first issue, triangles are a main theme.  Readers are encouraged to go back and see if they can spot them and what types they are (isosceles, right angle, and equilateral).  This encourages more active reading and observation skills.

Triangle Worksheet Sample

Worksheets and more!

Each issue will also include interactive games and puzzles for the reader to help reinforce vocabulary and math skills.