Author Joey Starnes

Joey grew up in New England, where she loved to read books, swim, and make up songs and stories in her head. She had a cat named Frosty and a dog named Dictionary, and she loved them both.

In eighth grade, her teacher Mr. Van Tol entered one of Joey's poems into a competition, and she received an award. After that, Joey started writing poems and stories constantly. She received her degree in English with a Creative Writing specialty from the University of Massachusetts.

The Bermuda Kid series was inspired by childhood stories told to her by her husband Matt, author of The Leather Jacket Guy comic book series.

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Illustrator Greg Russell

Greg grew up in Charlotte, NC. He grew to love comics because his father brought him a stack whenever he was sick. Nothing made him happier than climbing up the dogwood tree in his yard and reading comics. He practiced drawing and got better and better. He drew for the high school yearbook. He drew tattoos on his classmates. Then he went to college and got a job in the newspaper business. There, he got to draw pictures and work on a computer. He then created his own publications so he could show off his art and other people’s art. Greg is happy to be a part of the Bermuda Kid team so he can do what he always dreamed of as a kid.

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